First of all, thank you for visiting the Music Hermit! Who is this Music Hermit, you might or might not be asking? That would be me… people tend to call me Danny (most people I’ve met since I moved to London in 2011), Daniel (my landlord) or Dan (friends of old). They all work, depending on how syllabic you’re feeling on any particular day. I also don’t mind variations that are compliments or insults, as long as they’re creative and intriguing!


The reason I chose the hermit moniker is because as much as I love jamming with other people (as I do on a weekly basis), there’s something about just being by myself making music in my room that I find thoroughly enjoyable and liberating.



Since 2011, I’ve been a full time professional musician and songwriter/producer living in the European musical capital of London, earning a living playing guitar, bass and singing with dozens of different bands in festivals, high end clubs, sticky smelly pubs, ritzy cocktail bars, swanky hotels, weddings (so many weddings…), hipster acoustic bars and sporting venues. I’ve also been teaching guitar since 2006, and at this point I must have taught hundreds of students both in music schools as well as privately. Over the past 4 years or so, I’ve been working as writer and producer, composing songs for TV, movies and radio. I also write and produce my own music, although up to this point that’s been a purely creative endeavour which I have not yet monetised.

This website has two main purposes. One is I want it to be an information resource for anybody who wants to become a better musician, songwriter, producer, or for those looking for more information on how to get started with making their own music. And two, it serves as a platform for showcasing my own musical portfolio.

The site featured the following sections :

Articles – where you’ll find lots of blog posts and articles that I’ve written regarding a wide variety of musical topics, from learning your first guitar chords to finding the best microphones to use on your podcast, and everything in between!

Media – where I share music and videos that I’ve recorded, featuring both my own music as well as cover songs and arrangments that I’ve done

My aim with this website is basically as follows. I want to impart and share all the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years I’ve spent being a musician, producer and teacher, and immortalise it in digital, https based form. I hope to take all the value that has been shared with me over the years, from colleagues, friends, and mentors both online and in the physical world, and to give it back to those who would find it useful at this point in their lives. If I can inspire even one person to pick up a musical instrument or start writing songs, then I feel like I’ve fulfilled my mission!

So why should you take heed of what I say? Well to be honest, maybe you shouldn’t… ultimately I’m just a guy with more guitars than he realistically needs, an annoying tendency to overthink everything and a very nice pair of suede shoes. But if you take one thing away from all of this rambling, please let it be the following : every single word you read throughout this website has been written by me, and comes from as honest and truthful a place as I can muster. My hope is that I can build a relationship with you, visiting this website, based on trust and confidence. I certainly don’t proclaim to be right about everything, but I d think that over the years, I’ve gained enough knowledge to be able to speak about certain topics with a certain degree of confidence that I’m giving you useful, practical and applicable information.

PS : In honour of the spirit of honesty that I’ve just mentioned, I think it’s important to mention that while reading certain articles on this site, you’ll occasionally come across some links that take you to an online store, be that Amazon or otherwise. Those links are what are known as affiliate links, which basically means that should you choose to buy the product via the link I provided, I get a small kickback from the store (about 5-7% of the product price). Now the aim of this website is not to cover it with affiliate links and figure out every conceivable way to send you to these retailers… I want to provide information and value. All the products that I link to are products that I would recommend to friends or family who might come to me for advice, without any hesitation or doubt. Some I own myself, others I’ve tried second hand, and the rest I’ve done intensive research on. If you decide to support this website by going through the any of the affiliate links provided, then I thank you, but by no means should you feel in any way obliged to do so.

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